Alumni Stories

Gabrielle GoingGabrielle Going
BA, Studio Art

Combining art and academic rigor in a Catholic setting.

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Stephanie WulzStephanie Wulz
BFA, Visual Communication Design
Real-world experience through the Summer Internship program.

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Chris DownChris Down
Mattel, VP of Design
BFA, Industrial Design

Combining a Liberal Arts education with design curriculum provides a competitive advantage.
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Caroline MaloneyCaroline Maloney
Art History and Anthropology

Bridging a passion for the arts with business and critical thinking skills.

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Our Alumni Today

BFAs and BAs in Art, Art History & Design 

MFAs and MAs in Art, Art History & Design 

MA '13, Art History - Curator, William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art

MFA ’13, Studio - Artist, Zg Gallery
MA ’12, Art History - Curatorial Assistant, University of Notre Dame

MA ’11, Art History - Sobey Chief Curator Fellow, National Gallery of Canada
MFA ’11, Design - Design Researcher, IA Collaborative
MA ’10, Art History - Philadelphia Museum of Art, Project Manager
MFA ’08, Studio - Eduard L. Crago, Sculptor
MA ’08, Design - Swoboda Creative Services, Principal
MFA ’08, Studio - University of Texas – Arlington, Adjunct Professor
MFA ’07, Design - VSA Partners, Design Director
MFA ’05, Studio - Independent Visual Artist
MFA ’05, Studio - Shawnee State University, Assistant Professor in Photography
MA ’04, Art History - Montreat College, Dir. of Records and Registrationa
MFA ’03, Design - Wittenberg University, Assistant Professor of Design
MFA ’01, Studio - Colegio Franklin D. Roosevelt, Communications & Alumni Coordinator
MFA ’00, Design - Tangent Design Group, Inc., Principal Designer
MA ’00, Art History - Bellevue University, Instructor
MA ’00, Art History - University of Notre Dame, Digital Projects Specialist
MFA ’99, Studio - Adobe Systems Incorporated, Web Producer
MA ’98, Art History - J.P. Morgan Trust Company Delaware, Fiduciary Account Officer
MFA ’95, Design - University of Notre Dame, Art Director

BA ’10, Design - WWW Industrial Designer, DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.
BA ’08, Design - Display Artist, Urban Outfitters, Inc.
BFA ’07, Design - Senior Digital Designer, Energy BBDO

BA ’07, Art History - Coordinator, Woman's Board, Art Institute of Chicago
BA ’07, Studio - Retail Marketing Program Manager, Apple Computer, Inc.
BFA ’06, Design - Senior Designer, TEAMS Design
BA ’05, Design - Designer, Tommy Hilfiger
BFA ’04, Studio - Marketing Manager, North Texas Commission
BA ’04, Design - Art Director, eBay, Incorporated
BA ’03, Art History - Annenberg Fellow, University of Southern California
BFA ’02, Design - VP Marketing Program Manager, Wells Fargo Bank
BFA ’02, Studio - Owner & Principal, Kristin Griffin Photography
BFA ’02, Studio - Freelance Photographer & Photo Editor, George Lange Photography
BA ’02, Design - Concept Designer, Polo Ralph Lauren
BFA ’01, Design - Creative Director, Draftfcb
BA ’01, Studio - Curator of Exhibits, Kentucky Derby Museum
BFA ’00, Design - Exhibit Designer, Oregon Museum
BFA ’97, Design - Project Director/Senior Designer, Stuart Karten Design
BA ’97, Design - Department Chair/Assoc Professor, St. Mary of the Woods College
BFA ’96, Design - Senior Art Director, Mars Advertising