I would like more information about your program requirements. Whom should I contact?


Studio Art & Design

Undergraduate program: contact Emily Beck

Graduate program: contact Robin Rhodes

Art History

Undergraduate program: contact Robin Rhodes

Plan ahead 

Take a look at our advising sheets and get started on your 4-year plan with Art, Art History or Design today:

Also see our advising notes for Studio Art, Art History & Design students for common questions and rules regarding the programs.


Students are encouraged to seek out an internship after their second year of study. Internships are encouraged during the summer, but may also substitute for credit towards a degree. Please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Emily Beck and your advisor to enroll. Download the internship form.

Campus Affiliates

The following is a list of departments and schools within Notre Dame with which we frequently have cross-listed courses, share double-majoring students, and share faculty. For example, we have many students who double-major in business and design, engineering and design, film and art studio, etc. If you are thinking of seeking a double major with us, please contact us to set up an appointment to talk with one of our faculty in your area of interest.