Art as a Second Major

Art as a Second Major

Art as a second major in studio art, art history or design can help round out your knowledge and your body of work. A|AH|D offers students the opportunity to study the world through the history and production of visual objects and images. Students gain Visual Literacy, which is the ability to read and speak through visuals. The visual images and objects we make and study represent all aspects of life and lived experiences. Whether designing medical equipment, branding for a sports team, painting self-portraits, or studying artifacts from ancient civilizations, contextual knowledge and research give strength and meaning to our work. Students in our program find complementary double majors all over the university - from Anthropology to Gender Studies to Marketing to Engineering. Reach out to the DUS or a faculty member in your area of concentration to discuss whether a double major is feasible and desirable.

Majors and supplementary majors within the College of Arts and Letters
Majors within the College of Science
Majors within Mendoza College of Business

Reilly Dual Degree Program

For students interested in majoring in Engineering and Art Studio, Art History, or Design, you may consider the Reilly Dual Degree Program. Students entering this program emerge with two degrees- a BA from the College of Arts and Letters and a BS from the College of Engineering. This program takes five years to complete but can open possibilities for you to work in engineering, design or both. If you’d like to discuss this further, please reach out to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Emily Beck. Read more about the Reilly Dual Degree Program.

Complementary Minors

If a double major is not feasible or desirable, a minor could aid in developing contextual knowledge, research, or skill sets to support and complement your area of concentration.

Computing and Digital Technologies Minor - For our VCD or ID majors, the CDT Minor may add valuable technological skills in coding and interactive design.
College of Arts and Letters Minors
College of Science Minors

Campus Affiliates

The following is a list of departments and schools within Notre Dame with which we frequently have cross-listed courses, share double-majoring students, and share faculty. For example, we have many students who double-major in business and design, engineering and design, film and art studio, etc. If you are thinking of seeking a double major with us, please contact us to set up an appointment to talk with one of our faculty in your area of interest.