Art History Honors Program

The Honors Program will consist of 33 hours, as compared to 30 hours in the regular first major. A student with a GPA of 3.5 in the major may request the right to be considered for Departmental Honors. Students who wish to be considered for departmental honors must select a thesis advisor and petition the faculty with a one-page letter by the 10th week of the spring semester of the student's junior year. The letter should be addressed to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Art History. In the letter the student should give a brief indication of with whom and on what she/he is proposing to write her/his thesis and her/his future plans. If the faculty approves, then in place of one of the elective art history courses the student will sign-up for six credit-hours of Honors Thesis in her/his senior year - three credits in the fall and three credits in the spring.

The Honors Track in Art History (by approval)

33 Total Hours

  • 2 ARHI courses at the 20000-level
  • 4 ARHI courses at the 30000-level or above
  • 1 ARHI 40000-level course
  • 2 ARHI elective courses at any level
  • 2 ARHI Senior thesis courses (fall and spring of senior year)