B.A. with Honors

BA with Honors

The BA with Honors is comprised of two 3-credit BA Thesis courses taken in sequence, fall/spring of the senior year. It is a special two-semester course sequence designed for the most talented and motivated department majors who wish to de­velop a capstone project during their senior year. The student may also choose to take the Senior Seminar, which is taught only in the fall semester.

The BA Honors Track for Studio or Design (by approval)

39 Total Hours

  • 3 courses in Art History: Pre-1600; Post 1600; 1 Elective

  • Drawing I
  • 2D Foundations
  • 3D Foundations
  • Core Elective
  • 4 Electives in Studio or Design Courses (may include Senior Seminar in fall semester)
  • 6 credit hours of BA Thesis in final 2 semesters of sr. year
  • Exhibition of Thesis work from the senior year


Application deadline for BA Senior Thesis: April 1, each year.

• Students must apply for acceptance to the BA Thesis in the spring semester of their junior year

• To be approved for BA Thesis, students must have a minimum 3.25 GPA among all studio/design courses.

• Students must have a portfolio of exceptional work demonstrating the student’s ability to work independently on a research project.

• Students must have the approval of a department faculty member who will serve as the student’s senior advisor.

• Students wishing to do a senior thesis in studio art or design should have a focused area of study prior to beginning the senior thesis year.  Students should seek the guidance of their faculty or the Director of Undergraduate Studies in planning their course of study prior to entering the thesis year.

• All students completing a thesis are required to exhibit all or part of their project during the dates of the Annual BA/BFA/MFA student exhibition in the spring semester.

• Once a student has been accepted, they will register for BA Thesis with their advisor. Students must also meet with their advisor by the end of their junior year to establish a thesis topic and proposed goals for summer research prior to beginning the fall semester of senior year.