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Design Alumni WebThe annual Alumni Design Conference is sponsored by contributions given to the Graphic and Industrial Design Alumni Design Fund.
Design alumni:  (left to right) Steven Cozzolino, Mallory McMorrow, Evan Brogan, Matthew Casanova, Brett Belock, and Gabriela Leskur. 

The Department has three distinct areas of study; studio art, art history, and design. Gifts will support various programming initiatives including, visiting lecturers, gallery exhibitions, new equipment, student research, and professional development. Existing gift designations include: 

  • Art Department General Fund
  • Graphic and Industrial Design Alumni Fund
  • Social Design Fund
  • Art History Division
  • Studio Art Division  

Exciting new program initiatives include:

  • Studio Art Minor
  • Collaborative Innovation Minor in Design

You may designate funds to these programs as well.  Also note that any gift given to the University is credited toward eligibility for the football ticket lottery. The requirement for each class in order to be eligible for next year’s ticket lottery application (2019) is as follows: 

Class of 2010 to 2019 -  $100 
Class of 1970 to 2009 - $200 
Prior to 1970 - $100
Special Contributor - $1,500 

The gift must be made between January 1 and December 31 of the current year (2019) in order to make an alumnus/alumna eligible for the following (2020) year’s lottery. 

Every gift matters. Make yours today.