Zachary Norman

Research Associate, Photography

Zachary Norman

Zachary Norman has a BA in Art from Kalamazoo College and an MFA from Indiana University. His work is primarily concerned with how our visual perception informs the ways we make and understand images and, inversely, how those image-making methods affect our perception and behavior. His work has been published widely and featured in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. In 2013 he co-founded the art collective EIC. In 2014 he co-founded the quarterly experimental photography publication DELIBERATE OPERATIONS. In 2014 he was the co-recipient of a New Frontiers Grant from Indiana University for his research in computational photography. Recent and upcoming exhibitions of his work include: Royal NoneSuch Gallery (Oakland, CA), Filter Space (Chicago), Tiger Strikes Asteroid (Philadelphia), Urban Arts Space (Columbus, OH), Next Art Gallery (Gothenberg, Sweden), Gallery Steinsland Berliner (Stockholm, Sweden) and Mixed Greens Gallery (NYC).


203A Riley Hall
ph: 574.631.8657