Kyle Peets

Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor, Printmaking

Kyle Peets


Kyle Adam Kalev Peets was born in Utah but raised in Montreal, Quebec. He received a double major in Poetry and Printmaking from Southern Oregon University. Kyle went on to get his MFA in Printmaking from the University of Iowa and a graduate certificate in Book Arts from the University of Iowa Center For The Book. His work has been shown both internationally and nationally, from Belfast, Ireland to the frozen White Bear Lake outside of Minneapolis, MN. His video, You, was shown at the 2015 Southern Colorado Film Festival (Alamosa, CO). His work has been published in the periodical SPRTS by Endless Editions (New York, NY), archived in the Watson Library Special Collections, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA, Manhattan, Artists’ Books. His poetry has been published by various literary journals such as Interrupture, NOÖ, and Stolen Island. He enjoys dissonant music and basketball and can’t wait to see some Notre Dame women’s basketball games.

Artist Statement

Kyle Adam Kalev Peets is an artist, writer and educator who’s work is centered on the narratives we create to cope while feeling small in the face of things that are bigger than us like the unknown, limitations, or failure. In many cases these narratives are implicated in some type of belief system that informs the way we move through the world. I use mischief and the uncanny to poke holes in the logic of those conventions to reveal their fragility and how breaking them can allow us to re-imagine our place in the world.

Recently projects have become longer research-based endeavors. The research explores the way in which the history of specific failure narratives (American Gold Rush of 1849) and the spectacle of popular culture (sports) combine to make dominant narratives that inform identity and prescribe power relations. I plunder image archives and re-introduce them into new contexts to show how malleable the meaning of images are and how that malleability is constantly influencing the way we make sense of the world. The relationship between print and our understanding of history is not objective and there is a large gray area between the two fields. I use that nebulous area between the image and how we use it to make meaning as place filled with opportunity to use creativity, contradiction and satire to critique dominant narratives and conventions.


B.A., Poetry, Southern Oregon University
B.A., Printmaking, Southern Oregon University
M.F.A., Printmaking, University of Iowa
Graduate Certificate, Book Arts, University of Iowa Center For The Book


303 Riley Hall of Art
Notre Dame, IN 46556

ph: 574.631.5244