Lucas Korte

Adjunct Assistant Teaching Professor, BFA & Gallery Coordinator

Lucas Korte


Lucas Korte received his M.F.A. from the University of Notre Dame after studying biology at Wayne State University and fine art at the College for Creative Studies, both in Detroit. His work deals with the nonhuman generally, originally focusing on invertebrate forms as revealed by the science of biology, with an aim towards questioning the figure of the human and the central position it has held in the universe in Western culture. His current work deals with the inorganic, examining and pushing notions of inanimate matter as active, productive, and consequential in the universe, both for itself and for human life. His work has been exhibited nationally in Detroit, South Bend, and Chicago.

Artist Statement

My work is always an attempt to approach the nonhuman in thought. As such, I try to construct new images of the nonhuman, as apertures for understanding or vectors of approach. But, these images also register the inherent bafflement, hesitation, and horror of trying to think beyond the limits of the human. In every instance I try to point to the excess, the remainder, the “in-itself” or “without-us” of the nonhuman which resists instrumentalization, conceptualization, and description.


B.A., Biological Sciences, Wayne State University
M.F.A., University of Notre Dame


322 Riley Hall of Art
Notre Dame, IN 46556


Selected Works