Evan Hume

Teaching Scholar, Photography

Evan Hume, Teaching Scholar, Photography

Evan Hume's research-based practice examines how photographs circulate, transmit information, and transform over time through processes of reproduction. Over the last several years he has worked with photographs obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests and publicly available declassified documents from government agencies to expose unusual ways in which images mediate knowledge. With subjects ranging from UFOs to stolen artworks, what remains consistent in his work is an aesthetic of concealment that reaches the limits of photographic legibility. Recent solo exhibitions include Unknown Substances at Furthermore in Washington, DC and Altered States at Valet in Richmond, Virginia. He will present his research on UFO photography at the International Conference on the Image in 2018.


203A Riley Hall
ph: 574.631.8657
e: ehume@nd.edu
webpage: evan-hume.com