Heather Parrish

Research Associate, Printmaking

Heather Parrish


Heather Parrish received her BA in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at Austin, and a MFA in Printmaking from the University of Notre Dame. Her work is concerned with the complex experience of embodiment and the interconnectedness of inhabitant and environment. Through video projection, installation, printmaking, experimental photography and animations, she explores the porous boundaries between interior and exterior, the rational and emotional, and past and present. The materials she uses reference veils, skin, layers, and screens, all of which evoke access and containment.

Parrish has exhibited work, given lectures, and taught workshops in the United States and abroad. Prior to coming to Notre Dame, she worked as a professional printer at Flatbed Press in Austin, Texas, and was a mentor at The Contemporary Austin. Parrish frequently participates in collaborative efforts, such as a current project with scientist Dr. Elizabeth Henaff whose research involves bio-remediation of toxic waterways.


220 Riley Hall
ph: 574.631.1755
e: hparrish@nd.edu
webpage: heatherparrish.net