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Study Abroad: Nepal Edition

Author: Emily Olson

As a design major at Notre Dame, I find myself always in search of things that will inspire or inform my projects. This process of enhancing the imagination has taken me to places beyond my wildest dreams but has also brought me closer to home. To me, that ability to study, work, and live in a plethora of places is what makes Notre Dame so priceless. The experiences I have attained have considerably altered my path, as my eyes have now been opened to the possibilities through travel.

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Art historian researches the significance of long-lost Italian murals during yearlong fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study

Author: Brian Wallheimer

Much medieval Italian art from the 13th century is focused on Christianity — paintings and sculptures depicting Jesus, the Virgin Mary, saints, or other Biblical scenes. But murals that were hidden for hundreds of years under layers of whitewash at the Santi Quattro Coronati monastery in Rome are different — in addition to religious iconography, they also depict secular knowledge. Notre Dame art historian Marius Hauknes is fascinated by the significant shift implied by the newly discovered paintings, and he’s spending this year writing a book on the subject after winning a fellowship from the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.

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