Benjamin Sunderlin Presents at Ohio University Graduate Symposium of Art History

Author: Dept. Staff

Second Year MFA student in Sculpture Benjamin Sunderlin presented at Ohio University’s annual Art History Graduate Student Symposium that took place April 11-12, 2014.


Benjamin presented a paper titled, “The Cathedral, Revolution, Sculpture, and Time in Virginie Bassetti’s Bells for Notre Dame de Paris: A new French Campanological Identity.” In this work, Benjamin writes about the casting of nine new bells for the towers of Notre Dame de Paris and what effect that project has made on the French people, by situating the new bells within the campanological precedent and complex history of Notre Dame de Paris.

Ohio University’s annual symposium provides an opportunity for art history scholars to present the products of their work to their peers and the public. Benjamin was one of 23 graduate student scholars from around the continent who participated in the symposium and was the only MFA candidate to present.