Department Guidebooks

Undergraduate Handbook

This handbook is a reference guide to the program requirements for completing a degree in studio art, art history, or design. Each student’s four-year course of study is unique.  This handbook is only a general guide to program planning. It is important that students meet with their department advisor each semester to ensure their plan of study is on track and meeting their educational objectives.  Please become familiar with the requirements governing your major and keep this guide handy as a reference each semester.

BFA Handbook

The BFA program is organized into a four-year sequence of study that provides a solid understanding of art and art history. The student has an opportunity to explore a variety of curricular options and then chooses an intensive and professional major concentration. In addition to a primary concentration, BFA students are encouraged to select a secondary area of interest to broaden their thinking and to enrich their creative study. 

Department Guide To Graduate Studies 2021–2022

This departmental guide to graduate studies is intended to be a comprehensive guide to policies, requirements and procedures for graduate students in the Master of Fine Arts program in the Department of Art, Art History and Design. It has been reviewed and approved by The Graduate School. Where the department rules are more stringent than the Graduate School's (as expressed in the Bulletin), the department’s rules take precedence.