Study abroad courses that satisfy the fine arts requirement

I would like to take a class while studying abroad. How can I find out whether it would satisfy the fine arts requirement?

If a Study Abroad Program course in Studio Art, Art History, or Design has not already been approved by Notre Dame, then the student must contact their Office of International Studies program manager and the Chairperson of the Department of Art, Art History & Design in order to gain approval for the course. You will need to supply the following information:

  Your Name Program (Santiago)
  Major Year (junior)



  1. Course Title with Host University Number, as applicable
  2. Name and title of instructor
  3. Description of course and course objectives (3-4 sentences) --  this may have to be compiled through interviews with the instructor because not every institution publishes course descriptions
  4. Contact hours and/or labs, per week
  5. Reading list, including textbook
  6. Structure for evaluation—e.g., exams, papers, presentations, etc.
  7. Requirements, if any, you want this course to meet (major? univ.requirements? elective?)
  8. Are there similar courses at Notre Dame? Are there courses you’ve taken at Notre Dame that prepared you for this class? If so, please provide course numbers and names.

Should there be no equivalent course at Notre Dame, then a request for approval will have to be submitted to the Core Curriculum Subcommittee. This committee will need the following information:

  • the course title and the number of credit hours assigned to the course
  • a brief course description
  • the instructor’s name and credentials
  • a copy of the course syllabus
  • the contact hours for the class (length of academic term, number of class meetings, duration of each meeting)

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