Reilly Dual Degree Program

The University of Notre Dame’s Five Year Dual Degree Program in Arts and Letters/Engineering is distinctive in American higher education. Established in the 1960s, one of the earliest of its kind, the program enables engineering students to combine professional training with a richer expression of humanistic, artistic, and social scientific perspectives than normally would be possible within the confines of a four-year engineering degree program.

In a world increasingly challenged by new developments in technology and science, it is particularly important that those most intimately engaged in the creation and implementation of technology have the opportunity to reflect as broadly as possible on the world their technical work will transform. To achieve its goals, the AL/EG Program requires five full academic years of study.

Students may join the AL/ENG Program any point in their studies beginning in their sophomore year (if they can reasonably complete both programs). Ideally one should join prior to the end of sophomore year.

To enroll in the program, students should contact Anna Geltzer (442 Geddes, 574-631-0251), write a short statement of interest, and fill out a registration form.

Students then meet with their Assistant Dean in the College of Arts and Letters, and with Assistant Dean Michael Ryan in the College of Engineering, who will assist them in determining their schedules. The student is then responsible for taking the completed forms to the Registrar. After enrollment in the program, regular consultation with the deans, as well as the student's faculty advisers in their Engineering and Arts and Letters majors, is strongly advised.

To learn more, please visit the John J. Reilly Center's website