Student using printing press

Printmaking is a vital, visual, graphic process by which one may engage in a conversation with the world. In fact, printmakers all over the world are in constant contact, exchanging exciting information and keeping current with the ever-shifting flow of ideas.

Printmakers' work encompasses a wide range of practice: from stenciled art spray painted on a sidewalk to very fine prints made on paper; from a one-inch square print to wrapping an entire building in a print. Printmakers are involved with a very dynamic form of artmaking.

At Notre Dame, students have the opportunity to learn about printmaking’s current issues. Students learn about the various matrixes, techniques, and technologies of a wide range of printmaking including: photolithography, intaglio, relief, screen printing, digital processes, papermaking, and the making of books.

Exploration and experimentation in all of the print media is strongly encouraged. The courses are designed to progressively develop skill, creativity, personal imagery, and knowledge of relevant current issues. Advanced students work on a professional level by creating a cohesive body of work.  Apply now.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree requires 67 hours of coursework (or 22 courses) in the major area while the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree requires 36 (or 12 courses). Students will be advised by faculty with respect to which degree fits their interests. Generally, the BFA affords a larger portfolio due to considerably more studio experiences. A candidate for a BFA also has the opportunity to pursue a year-long, self-driven thesis project. B.F.A. entrance will be based on a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher in the seven core courses. The seven core courses must be completed before taking the B.F.A. studio seminar. Faculty-taught sections are mandatory for majors. See the Bachelor of Fine Arts course requirements. 

Bachelor of Arts

The BA is more suited to students who wish to double major or desire to create a custom experience combining printmaking with other art studios, art history, design, marketing, psychology, athletics…and more. For studio art majors (B.A. program) specializing in printmaking, the following courses are recommended studio electives. See the Bachelor of Arts course requirements.

Basic Courses

  • Lithography
  • Silkscreen
  • Etching
  • Artists Books & Papermaking
  • Advanced Printmaking studio

Art History Recommendations

  • History of Printmaking
  • Northern Renaissance
  • Italian Renaissance
  • 19th Century
  • 20th Century
  • History of Design
  • and all other courses available

Recommended Studio and Design Courses

  • Painting I
  • Photo I
  • Digital Photography
  • Visual Communication Design 3: Web Design
  • Industrial Design: Design Drawing
  • Furniture Design I
  • Painting II

Outside of Department

  • Anthropology
  • Creative Writing
  • Film
  • Gender Studies
  • Literature
  • Theatre

Studio Minor

The minor in studio art is intended for the student who wishes to add studio art experience to their undergraduate studies. The minor requires 15 hours, or 5 courses in studio art. Before being able to declare a minor, a student must be enrolled in or have already taken one of the following: Drawing I, 2D Foundations, or 3D Foundations.

As with the major, students seeking the minor may elect either a general or focused course of study; that is, students may take the four studio courses selected from among any of the studio disciplines (Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture) or they may take four studio courses from within a single discipline. Because the Department offers multiple entry-level courses, students are able to enter the program at a variety of points.

Study Abroad

Thinking of perhaps London or Rome to take an Art History course requirement? Students are encouraged to spend a semester abroad to get credit towards their degree in visual communication. Your academic advisor will help with options and scheduling.

Contact for Advising

Contact Director of Undergraduate Studies, Elyse Speaks, for general questions about the various Art, Art History & Design programs. If you have specific questions about printmaking, feel free to contact a faculty member directly. 

Visit the Program

If you are planning to visit campus, please stop by Riley Hall while you are here. Riley hall houses all the studio arts in the department. If you are considering studying printmaking at Notre Dame, feel free to contact our department office and staff members will arrange for a tour.


Considering printmaking as a major? Visit the department's main office: 306 Riley Hall of Art and Design. General questions about majoring in studio art can be sent to the Department of Art, Art History & Design at art@nd.eduApply now.