B.A. Course Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in art and design is defined as a general liberal arts degree. The B.A. degree is ideal for the student who desires a liberal education with a strong emphasis in art. Students enrolling in the B.A. degree program are required to complete a five-course core curriculum during their first three semesters. These courses are Drawing I, 2-D Foundations, 3-D Foundations, one course treating material from before 1500 taught by a regular full-time art historian in the department, and one course that treats material from after 1500 taught by a regular full-time art historian in the department.

Students are not required to select a major concentration for the B.A. degree, but some focus of study is encouraged. The B.A. degree consists of 36 hours in art and design, of which 27 are in studio and nine in art history. The College Fine Art Elective is not met by the B.A. degree. B.A. students must take a fine arts course in other fine arts areas, either FTT or music. It should not be a studio or design class.

Course Requirements (12 courses, 36 hours)

  • Drawing 1

  • 2D Foundations

  • 3D Foundations

  • Art History (before 1600) 

  • Art History (after 1600)

  • Art History

  • Studio Elective

  • Studio Elective

  • Studio Elective

  • Studio Elective

  • Studio Elective

  • Studio Elective


B.F.A. Course Requirements

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in art and design is intended for the student who wishes to pursue a professional career in the visual arts. The program is organized into a four-year sequence of study that provides a solid understanding of art and art history.

The student has an opportunity to explore a variety of curricular options and then chooses an intensive and professional major concentration. In addition to a primary concentration, BFA students are encouraged to select a secondary area of interest to broaden their thinking and to enrich their creative study.

BFA candidates share a close working relationship with the department’s faculty who are active professional artists and designers. Intensive studio work is complemented by an academic education with strong art history and liberal arts components. The BFA degree consists of 66 credit hours in art, of which 54 are in studio and 12 in art history.

How is the program designed?

Advising Sheet - B.F.A. Art Studio & Design


B.F.A. Course Requirements

Drawing I
2D Foundations
3D Foundations
Photography I
Figure Drawing 
2D Studio Core option (see right)
3D Studio Core option
Art History (before 1600)
Art History (after 1600)
Art History
Art History
studio elective
studio elective
studio elective
studio elective
primary studio
primary studio
primary studio
B.F.A. Seminar fall semester
B.F.A. Seminar spring semester
B.F.A. Thesis fall semester
B.F.A. Thesis spring semester

2D Core Options Available

Graphic Design I
Painting I
Printmaking I 
(silkscreen, lithography, etching, artists books)
Visual Dialogue I
Figure Drawing II

3D Core Options Available

Ceramics I
Product Design I
Sculpture (wood, metal, foundry, or figure)

Two studio core options are strongly suggested before the junior year. Students must choose from the above lists.


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