Department of Art, Art History, and Design
306 Riley Hall of Art & Design
Phone (574) 631-7602
Fax (574) 631-6312

Meet our Faculty


  1. Scott Shim

    Scott Shim

    Department Chair

  2. Jason Lahr

    Jason Lahr

    Director of Graduate Studies

  3. Elyse Speaks

    Elyse Speaks

    Director of Undergraduate Studies

  4. Ann Marie Conrado

    Ann-Marie Conrado

    Cregg Family Director of the Program in Collaborative Innovation


  1. Kristine Alumbaugh

    Kristine Alumbaugh

    Department Administrator

  2. Sara Fahling

    Sara Fahling

    Digital Studio Coordinator, Center for Creative Computing

  3. Nicolina Holt

    Nicolina Holt

    Undergraduate and Graduate Program Coordinator

  4. Xandy Hurley

    Xandy Hurley

    Office Coordinator

  5. Natasha Lyandres

    Natasha Lyandres

    Head, Rare Books and Special Collections, Hesburgh Library

  6. Denise Massa

    Denise Massa

    Visual Resources Curator, Hesburgh Library

  7. George Tisten

    George Tisten

    West Lake Design Studio Shop Technician