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How an Arts & Letters education inspired art history major Meg Burns to follow her passion — and be open to change

Author: Sophia Lauber

Senior Meg Burns says that the tagline to her experience at Notre Dame could be, “It’s OK to change your mind.” After three semesters majoring in biochemistry, Burns decided to follow her passion and major in art history. Then, during her junior year, she dramatically shifted the focus of her senior thesis after having completed research in Dublin. Looking back, Burns said these moments became valuable learning experiences themselves.

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Tue Oct 20, 2020

Wed Oct 21, 2020

Slow Look


Location: Online (Zoom)

Take a break at home or from your office for a slow look at N. Jay Jaffee's Learning to Skate, Livonia Avenue, East New York, Brooklyn on view in Touchstones of the Twentieth Century: A History of Photography at the University of Notre Dame. We'll virtually place you in the exhibition via a live stream; we’ll then use tools of mindfulness meditation as a way to approach and understand the photograph.

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