Facilities Policies

Statement regarding appropriate conduct in Riley Hall and West Lake Hall

The University’s mission statement describes Notre Dame as a Catholic academic community of higher education. In Riley Hall and West lake Hall, we seek to build a creative community dedicated to the arts and based on mutual respect for all the members of the community.

In order to preserve and enhance the sense of community and to facilitate the academic work in Riley and West Lake it is necessary to observe some rules of conduct.

  • Riley Hall and West Lake Hall are university academic spaces 24/7. This applies to all classrooms, studios, computer clusters, and offices in Riley Hall and West Lake Hall.
  • Expectations regarding appropriate conduct in university facilities are clearly spelled out in du Lac and apply to Riley Hall and West Lake Hall.  A summary of these guidelines can be found in the department’s Sexual Harassment Policy and Harassment Policy.
  • Policies regarding access and use of information technologies is clearly spelled out in Notre Dame’s “Responsible Use of Information Technologies” Policy. This policy specifies that curricular needs and use of technology take precedence over extra-curricular and personal use. The policy reads in part:

University computing resources are to be used exclusively to advance the University’s mission of education, research and public service. Faculty, staff and students may use them only for purposes related to their studies, their responsibilities for providing instruction, the discharge of their duties as employees, their official business with the University and other University sanctioned or authorized activities. The University of Notre Dame expects compliance with all licensing agreements and University policies regarding access and use of information technologies.