Artist Talk: Zakiyyah Iman Jackson


Location: 207 Riley Hall

You are invited to a talk dealing with race and gender issues by:

Zakiyyah Iman Jackson
"A Question Mark Followed by an Exclamation Point: Grace Jones and the Limits of Purrformance"

There will be refreshments and discussion afterwards.

*This talk is sponsored by the Painting area of the Department of Art, Art History & Design

Zakiyyah Iman Jackson is a Ph.D. Candidate in African Diaspora Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Her dissertation is titled, “Becoming Human: Gender, Sexuality, and the Animal in Afro-Modernity,” she argues that African American and Afro-Caribbean literature, film, and performance art function as a critique of the animalization of black genders and sexualities in philosophic, scientific, state, and popular discourses. Moreover, Afro-modernity serves as a generative site of possibility by articulating the existence of a humanity and desire for an ethical relation beyond the purview of Euro-modernity’s human/animal distinction. She has accreditation in Film Studies and another in Gender and Sexuality Studies. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University in Women’s Studies and Political Science. She has published in Gay and Lesbian Quarterly (GLQ) and in the Studio Museum of Harlem’s Re:Collection: Selected Works from the Studio Museum of Harlem.