Public Talk: Sam McCracken


Location: DeBartolo Hall Room 117

We are very excited to have Sam McCracken (Assiniboine/Sioux), General Manager and founder of the Nike N7 program, who will offer a public talk on the integration of Native American social and artistic values into the design of a global brand.

Nike N7 products take extra care to be green and use less waste, out of concern for the seventh generation. In addition, Nike N7 is committed to bringing sports to Native American communities in North America. A portion of the proceeds from this line go to funding grants for tribal communities, and Nike N7 will award about a million dollars in grant funds in 2011. In 2010 Nike N7 signed an MOU with the Bureau of Indian Education to work together in creative and inspirational way to address health and social-lifestyle choices in American Indian and Alaska Native communities that contribute to disease and other medical conditions.

When:             Tuesday, November 15, 8:00 p.m.
Where:            Debartolo Hall Room 117

Sam will be available for Q&A after his presentation, and his discussion will cover all topics related to this line, including industrial design, marketing, community building, health, and collaborating with Native American communities and athletes. His success in bringing the values of social design to a global brand is a wonderful business model and one with many lessons to take away.

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