Public Reception: Molly Morin and Stephen Wolochowicz


Location: Goshen College Hershberger Art Gallery

Former Notre Dame Art Department Faculty Molly Morin and Stephen Wolochowitz are currently in a show at Goshen College's Hershberger Art Gallery  - December 3 - January 22


Molly Morin is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Digital art at Millsaps College in Jackson, MS.  Her work uses digital methods, including computer coding, 3D modeling, and digital photo-editing to produce work that explores the difficult relationship between information and meaning.  Her projects visualize data sets generated from a wide range of texts, from poetry to text messages, and reflect on the impact of communication technology on daily life.

Stephen Wolochowicz is currently Assistant Professor of Art in Ceramics at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. He has also taught ceramics at other institutions including The University of Notre Dame, The University of Central Missouri, and Central Michigan University. He holds a BFA from the University of Delaware and a MFA from Miami University of Ohio. Wolochowicz has exhibited his work extensively and has conducted numerous workshops and lectures at universities around the country. His current work utilizes abstract industrial shapes with organic features. Through the use of vivid color and texture, he adds a playful aesthetic to his underlying concepts.  They deal with the human invention, environment and progress through networks of industrial themes. You can view his artwork at


For more information, please visit the Hershberger Gallery website.


Molly Morin and Stephen Wolochowitz Goshen College reception