Lecture: Mel Ziegler


Location: 200 Riley Hall

In addition to being the spring walkthrough critic, Chair of the Art Department at Vanderbilt University and renown conceptual artist Mel Ziegler will give a talk Thursday, March 22 in Room 200 of the Riley Hall of Art and Design.

Mel Ziegler explores how the circumstances of public life and social space are reflected in the architecture and "design" of cities. At the same time, his work focuses on the question of the hidden historical and social-political manifestations of representation. In order to reveal and manipulate these, Mel uses the most diverse materials to create complex reference systems, in which individual and collective history converge. He has exhibited and lectured extensively throughout the United State, Europe and South America.  He earned his MFA from the California Institute of the Arts and is currently the Chair of the Art Department at Vanderbilt University. His work can be viewed at melziegler.com.