The Socio-Political Dimension of the Visual: Nepali Art in the Time of Transition


Location: Room 200 Riley Hall of Art & Design

Artist & Kathmandu University Head of the Centre for Art+Design Sujan Chitrakar will be giving a talk The Socio-Political Dimension of the Visual: Nepali Art in the Time of Transition Wednesday, December 4th at 7:00pm in Room 200 Riley Hall of Art & Design.


Over the last decade, Nepal has experienced great political upheaval and transition as it ended a civil war, deposed a king and struggled to write a new constitution during a difficult peace process. Nepalese artists have responded to this time of transition and have captured the challenges of a nation in their visual responses to cultural and political turmoil. Sujan Chitrakar, visual artist, head of the prestigious Kathmandu University Centre for Art + Design and Fulbright Fellow will speak on how Nepali Art has expressed these challenges and contributed to the development of a nation post-insurgency.


Artist Bio:
Sujan Chitrakar is a Kathmandu based visual artist and art educator who received his fine art education from Nepal and India. with numerous national and international art workshops and regular exhibitions to his credit, he practices art extensively in public and private space — both individually and collectively. Sujan believes that Art has been widely misunderstood as it has remained either within artistic sophistication or inaccessible domain for public interactions. He believes that the first step to reinstall the importance of art is by talking about it and bringing public into the arena where they could appreciate varied contemporary or traditional artforms. He is currently furthering his artivities in public and private spaces to propagate art as integral to the development of a nation and for the evolution of mankind. Sujan is currently in the US on a Fulbright Fellowship working on public mural art in Philadelphia.