Sarah Martin to present at "Fun with Dick and Jane: Gender and Childhood"


Location: University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame's Gender Studies Program has invited Visual Communication Design MFA student Sarah Edmands Martin to present at their December conference: "FUN WITH DICK AND JANE: GENDER AND CHILDHOOD." On Friday, December 5th at 5pm, Martin will present selections from the artist's book, THE SONG OF THE SEA DEMON, alongside artists Orlando Menes and Anne Garcia Romero during the Creative Salon. 

The conference is interested in questions of gender and childhood, ranging from issues around boys wearing princess costumes to school; to Disney princess culture; to pre-teen children coming out as gay, lesbian, and queer; to toy companies marketing toys by gender, and more. Interdisciplinary scholarship from media studies, literature, history, anthropology, biology, architecture, philosophy, design, art history, sociology, and education will present papers and creative works. 

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