Artist Talk: Emmi Whitehorse


Location: Snite Museum of Art

Join Artist Emmi Whitehorse for a discussion of her prints in the Snite Museum collection while she is in South Bend to create a print at Segura Arts Studio at the Notre Dame Center for Arts & Culture.


Emmi Whitehorse is known for her large-scale, mixed-media paintings and prints. Her abstract aesthetic is informed by her Navajo culture. In 2006, Whitehorse described her work as being “about and has always been about land, about being aware of our surroundings and appreciating the beauty of nature. I am concerned that we are no longer aware of those. The calm and beauty that is in my work I hope serves as a reminder of what is underfoot, of the exchange we make with nature. Light, space, and color are the axis around which my work evolves. The act of making art must stay true to a harmonious balance of beauty, nature, humanity, and the whole universe. This is in accordance with Navajo philosophy.”

This talk is free and open to all.