Artist Lecture: James Wade Jr.


Location: 200 Riley Hall of Art (View on map )

James Wade Jr.

Please join us for a public artist lecture by James Wade Jr., Senior Lecturer at the University of Kentucky. The talk will take place on Wednesday, April 4, at 5 PM in 200 Riley Hall.


My creative work focuses on a sense of place. It involves the vernacular landscape and narrative storytelling in sculpture. Ideas such as boundary, horizon, architecture and material-use figure strongly in the works I create. Although the compositions read independently, each seems to be taken from a collective existence. Individual objects may appear fragmentary and pragmatic, derivations on the familiar places and objects that become obscure in our daily routines. The work does not pretend to stylish sophistication. I allow the pieces to evolve rather than force them into a predetermined notion of art making. My objective is to achieve a harmonious union of craftsmanship, poetics, and material integrity.

*Made possible by an Arts and Letters Teaching Outside the Classroom Grant with the generosity of Mr. Earl Linehan and Ms. Danielle Linehan.