"Deconstructing the Dominant Narrative: Contemporary Curatorial Practices in the American Art Museum” Lecture by Lauren Haynes, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art


Location: Snite Museum of Art (View on map )

This lecture considers the future of museums and what it means to have a curatorial practice that focuses on artists often ignored in dominant art historical narratives. Curator Lauren Haynes will reflect on her work prior to joining the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and future exhibits that aim to expand the definition and meaning of American art.

Lauren Haynes is the Curator of Contemporary Art at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Read more about her here.

This lecture is organized in support of Professor Erika Doss’s African American Art course and is made possible through a course development grant given by the Snite Museum of Art.

Originally published at conductorshare.nd.edu.