"First Person, Plural" Exhibition by Amanda Carmer Rainey


Location: 2nd Floor Hallway Gallery

First Person, Plura

The Photography Gallery at Riley Hall is proud to announce First Person, Plural - an exhibition of photographs by Amanda Carmer Rainey. The exhibition is open now and will run until March 22.


First Person, Plural is the story of addiction and recovery, family relationships and absences through photographs and photo-based experiments. Portraits, landscapes and alternatively processed photograms negotiate the duplicitous nature of familial relationships that are characterized by the long-term psychological struggles of a single family member and her addiction. These images feature the my mother, my brother, my husband, and me; my family home and my adult home; domestic and personal spaces. Each image is a document of duration and presence. Together, the alternating content creates a constantly shifting narrative—a story without a concrete beginning or end. In this second iteration of this series, I continue to explore themes of change. I’m interested in how relationships change us—relationships between people and with places. I’m interested in how those changes are cultivated—through shared traditions, rituals, or other forms of repeated behaviors—and in how those changes manifest in intangible ways—as unseen scars, humors and dispositions, or simply as an absence.


About the artist:

Amanda Carmer Rainey grew up in the Midwest and studied Art Education at Purdue University. She received her MFA in Photography from Kendall College of Art & Design, Ferris State University in Grand Rapids, MI and currently works for KCAD as an admissions counselor. She lives in Grand Rapids and works primarily in photography and mixed media.