Our New Reality: An Experiential Art Installation by Claire Whitesell


Location: 322 Riley Hall (View on map )

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Claire Whitesell, BA student in design will have an opening reception for her Sustainability Capstone installation art project on Tuesday, April 23 in room 322, Riley Hall from 5–7. 

In an age when public policy is shaped by perceived immediate need, climate change policy is often deferred. The moderate level of public concern for climate change appears to be driven primarily by the perception that climate change will threaten future people and places. Unbiased, science-based information is not adequate enough to change this public perception. What appears to be missing in the public's mind are concrete and personally relevant images of climate change.

Scientists avoid the aesthetic and imaginative as they deal with landscapes as tangible and measurable. Art does not take the form of an explicit message, rather it forces the viewer to think, reflect, and actively reinterpret. Thus, art possesses the unique ability to express the complexity of the Anthropocene thesis. Through this installation I am to provide a sensory experience of climate change. As you move through the piece, see, feel, reflect. Acknowledge this reality. 

There is not time. We must act now.