Riley Hall Photo Gallery Exhibition: "Meandering with Purpose" by Dean Kessmann


Location: 2nd Floor–Riley Hall (View on map )

The Photography Gallery at Riley Hall is proud to announce "Meandering with Purpose" - an exhibition of photographs by Dean Kessmann. The exhibition is open now and will run until Feb. 7.
Meandering with Purpose is a new and ongoing series of photographs by Dean Kessmann. Kessmann is an artist based in Washington, DC, where he is an Associate Professor of Photography and Program Head of the Studio Arts Program at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at the George Washington University. The landscape has been a recurring subject in his work since he began working as an artist, so this work is a return to a familiar place. Recently, when talking to colleagues and students about ways to move one’s artistic practice forward, Kessmann found himself reminiscing about missing the freedom that he felt as a young artist: the luxury of taking the time to wander with the sole purpose of being open to any and all situations that one might intentionally or inadvertently happen upon. Therefore, he decided to move ahead by circling back to what propelled him to make photographs in the first place. Like most of his artistic practice, this new work is an exploration of the space that exists between photographs that function as objective records and those that are elusive and dissolve into nebulousness. Meandering with Purpose allows Kessmann to question the boundaries of, and identifies new relationships between, representation and abstraction in photography.