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Through her research on counterterrorism, cybersecurity, and COVID-19, senior relies on design thinking and computer science to help improve people’s lives

Author: Sophia Lauber

With majors in design and computer science through the Reilly Center Dual Degree Program, Hind Zahour knew very little about DNA — but she didn’t let that stop her from joining a COVID-19 research team last summer. When Zahour’s consulting internship was shortened due to the pandemic, she sought out an opportunity related to the global crisis and was invited to work with with an engineering professor, running code code to determine what genes are affected by COVID-19. The tangibility and creativity of Zahour's design major and concentration in industrial design have become the perfect balance to the technical coding work she does in computer science — and the combination has given her a more holistic way of thinking.

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Gero Travel Grant and Wrappe Internship Award Opportunities – Now Accepting Applications

Author: Dept. Staff

The Gero Grant supports travel and related expenses for a research paper, senior thesis, or capstone studio project in pursuit of a B.A. or B.F.A. degree in studio art or art history. The Wrappe Family Grant supports summer internships of rising seniors (current juniors) who will be partaking in a summer internship. Applications are due April 16, 2021.

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