Art Department Chili Cook-off/Fundraiser

Author: Lonnie Atkinson

Tuesday, November 30, the Department of Art, Art History & Design held a chili cook-off to help raise funds for breast cancer screenings in St. Joseph County.  


Special thanks to all our fine contestants: Heather Parrish, Jayson Bimber, Justin Barfield (with Nick Roudebush), Nathan Smith, Danielle Joyner and Charles Rosenberg.  Thanks as well to all the other great volunteers who donated sides or equipment. And thanks to all those who showed up to put chili rings around their faces and help us raise money for this great cause.

Consequently, in the spirit of this election season, it is with great pleasure that I announce the 2012 President and Vice President of the United States of Chili: Justin Barfield and Nick Roudebush.  When the count ended Tuesday, their "Yankee/Rebel" ticket had won both the popular vote and the electoral college.


Here's to the College of Arts and Letters for allowing us to contribute to their Race to Raise the Most, and here's to wonderful, mid-semester Art Department fellowship.