Art History - Student Accomplishments

Author: Dept. Staff

Regina Ekaputri (AH minor) will be a summer intern in the Education Department at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  

Christine Anspach (AH honors, class of 2017) recently accepted a position as a full-time assistant to help digitize the Frick Library’s Photoarchive that contains over 1.2 million photographic reproductions of works of art. The Library is part of the Frick Collection — an art museum located in the Henry Clay Frick House on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, New York City.

Isabel Cabezas (AH honors, class of 2017) will spend the summer curating a 20-piece show of Christian sculpture by the German-born Irish sculptor Imogen Stuart. The exhibit will open in mid-September at Notre Dame's Kylemore Abbey and at the 40th Clifden Arts Festival, both in Connemara, Ireland. She received this opportunity through the Keough-Naughton Irish Internship Programme.