Chad Hartwig appears in Ceramics Monthly

Author: Dept. Staff

University of Notre Dame MFA and current Ceramics Research Associate Chad Hartwig's work was included in the Exposure section of this month's Ceramics Monthly.

This work will be inlcuded as part of the 2013 Potters Council Sculpture Calendar.

Describing his work, Hartwig has stated, "My pottery aims to celebrate the materiality of clay through process and ceramic product. I believe, as with any material, the most compelling work allows its material to look as much like itself as possible or as much unlike itself as possible. Although I have explored the latter, the former undeniably supplies me with the greatest joy. There is no substitute for honesty in art (and life) when desiring that others experience your sincerity and enthusiasm. It is this thread that has lead me to softly undulating forms accented by either atmospheric vapor firings or natural ash accumulation via lengthy wood-firings . The results are authentic revelries that contribute to and extend a historic tradition that becomes increasingly important as fringe activities and unique objects fade into obscurity."