Charles Rosenberg: new publication and lectures

Author: Dept. Staff

In addition to being guest editor for The Medal, spring 2015, Art History Professor Emeritus Charles Rosenberg will have published next month "Rembrandt's Etching of The Stoning of St. Stephen and the Remonstrant Controversy, Zeitschrift fur Kunstgeschichte 78 (2015): 94-105.


This is also in addition to the two Hesburgh Lectures Professor Rosenberg will have given this spring:

“Leonardo da Vinci: Painter of Mysteries.”  Johnstown, PA, June 12, 2014; Hilton Head, NC, April 23, 2015

“The Sistine Chapel: History and Meaning.” Staten Island, NJ, May 14, 2014; Portland, OR, October 28, 2014; Charleston, SC, March 19, 2015