Erin Hinz in Post Consumed

Author: Linnie Caye

Post Consumed: A Millenial Biennial presents the work of twelve artists enrolled in Masters of Fine Arts programs across the United States. These culturally diverse and emerging artists represent a generation confronting political, economic, and social realities with an increasingly global perspective on artistic production, communication, and geographic and psychological space. Their creative production pushes the boundaries of painting, sculpture, and photography into experimental new realms.

Erin Hinz’s Surrealist-inspired paintings present a composite array of disembodied images and anatomical parts floating in a nonspecific fluid atmosphere. Psychedelic and Pop-inspired in their colorful depiction of mass produced toys, the artist relates her work to the privileging of subjective female pleasure.

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Originally published by Linnie Caye at on November 04, 2013.