Elizabeth Lang ‘01 Owner and Executive Producer; Liz Lang Creative

Author: Dept. Staff



Liz Lange

Raised in Ohio before landing in South Bend and receiving a BFA in Photography, Liz Lang and her career progressed west (for the most part) after her graduation ceremony. 

Chicago, IL: September 10TH, 2001. This was Liz’s first day on a commercial photo set – and the next day would change the world forever. She made it through that impossibly hard year and learned the commercial photography business as a photo assistant, studio manager, casting agent, prop stylist and all-around runner for some of the city’s busiest lifestyle and product photographers.  After hundreds of photo shoots and one failed World Series bid by the Cubs, Liz decided she’d had enough of the Midwest icy winters and muggy summers and decided to go all the way West. 

Hermosa Beach, CA: November 2003.  Car packed to the roof and a cross country road trip later, Liz put down roots at the beach.  After being landlocked most of her life, she got as close to the Pacific Ocean as she could and started job hunting in a city where she knew absolutely no one.

Burbank, CA: January 2004. Liz landed a job at Warner Brothers Television in the photo department after advice from her dad gave her the confidence to follow her heart. She produced photo shoots and marketing campaigns for shows such as Friends, ER, and The West Wing.  Her father wore every piece of bad monogrammed clothing and branded hat she sent to him with pride.

Los Angeles, CA: January 2006. After losing her father to cancer, Liz decided to take another leap and left Warner Brothers for FOX Broadcasting where she joined the photo team and led photo and video campaigns for titles such as Prison Break, Fringe, and The OC.  Liz used her ND education in creative photography and her analytic sensibilities to become the liaison between the photographer/director and the advertising executives. She quickly learned they did not always speak the same language. Liz worked with a wide range of photographers while at FOX that she is lucky she can now call friends and mentors.

Toledo, OH: September 2010.  Liz moved back home to care for her mother, who like her father just 6 years prior, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. This is where her business was born.  Between sleeping in hospital rooms and driving back and forth to treatments, Liz realized life was too short not to do what you love and to do it on your own terms.

Los Angeles, CA: October 2011.  After a final goodbye to Ohio and her mother, Liz returned to her home at the beach and opened Liz Lang Creative for business.  The flagship arm of her company, Liz Lang Production, is a boutique, full-service production company specializing in entertainment & advertising photography and video content. The mission of Liz Lang Creative is to offer personal and precise production services that make her clients ideas, sketches, visions into reality. Liz serves as the executive producer and is still an all-around runner for some of the world’s busiest photographers, directors and media companies. Liz started working with Netflix when they were still offering DVDs to subscribers and trying to get this little adventure called streaming off the ground.  She produced campaigns for Stranger Things, Marvel titles including Jessica Jones and Defenders, Mindhunter and The Umbrella Academy.  When Amazon Prime added a video streaming platform, Liz was the first to get the call to build out marketing protocols and strategies for campaign projects including Man in the High Castle, The Boys, Homecoming and most recently The Underground Railroad.  Liz’s list of clients and collaborators also includes HBO, HBO Max, AppleTV, Starz, GQ and Esquire. Her company has produced advertising and social campaigns for films and series including Succession, Borat, Insecure, The Morning Show, Veep and Outlander.  Liz and her team, a group comprised of talented, determined and creative women, have produced all coast to coast in the United States and Canada over the last 10 years. Passports always at the ready, jobs have taken her to New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Fiji and all across Europe.

May 2021:  After 15 months of a pandemic, countless sleepless nights and two young boys growing up as native Californians, Liz is still living and working at the beach and again traveling the globe for jobs large and small.  Samples of her work, complete client list and specialty offerings can be found at www.lizlangproduction.com