Fr. Austin Collins' work on Logan Boulevard

Author: Dept. Staff


Chicago native Austin Collins’ Fern Temple IV stands tall at Logan and Washtenaw and is actually part of a larger series the artist has been working on for 15 years that includes 45 pieces. Additional pieces of Collins’ series can be found in Salem, Mass., Hastings, Mich., and Michigan’s Fernwood Botanical Garden.



Collins was present at the Oct. 18 installation of Fern Temple IV and says residents of Logan Square were welcoming of the art.

“There were several individuals who came out during installation to talk to us and find out more about the artists,” says Collins. “It could not have been a nicer experience.”

Collins enjoys taking part in his art’s installation and checking out his sculptures’ new settings.

“Logan Boulevard is a beautiful location for my work. The Chicago boulevards really lend themselves to large-scale sculpture,” says Collins.