Peni Acayo: Foundations of Design Research

Author: Dept. Staff

University of Notre Dame Visual Communication Design Research Associate Peni Acayo has co-authored a course on Foundations of Design Research that was officially released yesterday! Here's some information and a link to the course.

Foundations of Design Research
with: Peni Acayo and Andy Schwanbeck now live in the OTL:

Course Description:
With design research, designs are more meaningful and effective because they are grounded in a real-world context. The goal of this course is to introduce the process of design research and to help designers understand how critical it is to being able to develop great designs. Authors Peni Acayo and Andy Schwanbeck walk you through the various types of research (primary vs. secondary, quantitative vs. qualitative, etc.) so that you get a sense of which are appropriate for the job at hand. They also introduce research tools, planning considerations, and frameworks for presenting your results, such as personas and infographics. Plus, find out how research can directly inform your designs, using generative research, user testing, and rapid prototyping.

Topics Include:
Using research to add value and credibility to design work
Understanding the different types of research
Choosing research tools
Creating a research plan
Presenting research
Using research to begin the design process

2h 57m