Senior Design Show and Professional Night at Doblin in Chicago

Author: Dept. Staff

Congratulations to all the seniors that participated in the Senior Design Show and Professional Night at Doblin in Chicago: Hannah Skrbis, Emma Galeana, Zoe Simms, Michelle Wern, Amy Ackermann, Meagan Hughes, Rachel Lauterbach, Nick Swift, Dan Lopes, Trent Jackson, Gabriela Leskur, Brian Vaughn, Jessica Klouda, Mark Davidson, Mary Kate Healy, Brianna Dombo, Isabel Piechowicz, Erin Foldesi, Erin Rice, Hind Hourahou, Misch Bohrt, Rachel Grinbergs, Ryan White, and Kevin Barrett.

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Doblin judges Rachel Brandenberger, Design Consultant (’14 BA Design) and Katie Joyce, Specialist Leader (’99 BA Political Science and Spanish) selected Best of Industrial Design, Dan Lopes; Best of Visual Communication Design, Michelle Wern; and Best of Show, Brianna Dombo. Honorable mentions include Gabriela Leskur, Rhyan White, Rachel Grisbergs, Mark Davidson and Amy Ackerman.

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This event is made possible by a Learning Beyond the Classroom Grant  donations from Doblin (part of Deloitte Consulting, LLP), and gifts directed to the “Graphic & Industrial Design Alumni Fund."

Photography by Jacob Titus, West.SB.