Students commit fall break to Design Blitz

Author: Lonnie Atkinson

Thirteen Notre Dame design students (listed below) committed their week-long fall break to remain on campus and work on a "design blitz" led by John Bielenberg and Professor Robert Sedlack. The three projects that the students conceived, created and executed focused on creating a better link between Notre Dame students and downtown South Bend and, generally, promoting all of the wonderful opportunities that the downtown provides, from shopping to dining to cultural events. Executive Director of DTSB Aaron Perri was a key collaborator throughout the week, giving the students great support.

The projects were highlighted on a Fox 28 newscast on Friday, October 19th.

Dan Azic
Rachel Brandenberger
Brandon Keelean
Airi Kobayashi
Laura Laws
Elizabeth Maurath
Jeff McLean
Kevin Melchiorri
Alisa Rantanen
Bobby Reichle
James Slaven
Steph Wulz
Anna Young


For more information, check out the recent Observer article and Facebook page (where you can sign the petition).