Students reflect on Italian Drawings Seminar

Author: Heather Rhoda

On April 19th, students in the Italian Drawings Seminar had a chance to meet with Jack Reilly, Snite Museum of Art benefactor and advisory council member.  Under the direction of Dr. Robert Randolf Coleman, undergraduate and graduate students researched sixteen Italian drawings dating from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, most of which were given to the Snite Museum of Art by Mr. Reilly. During the informal meeting, Mr. Reilly talked with the students about their experience in the seminar, how they conducted their research, and what they learned in the process. The seminar culminated in catalogue of essays written by the students.  The drawings are on display until May 22 in the Scholz Family Works on Paper Gallery in the Snite Museum of Art.

Italian Drawings Seminar 2

Dr. Coleman, Jack Reilly, Pamela Johnson, Quinn Darlington

Italian Drawings Seminar 3

Jack Reilly, Dr. Coleman, Cheryl Snay, Pamela Johnson

Italian Drawings Seminar 1

Jack Reilly, Pamela Johnson, Clare Monardo, Quinn Darlington, Dr. Coleman