Three professors join the AAHD faculty

Author: Dept. Staff

Rodrigo Lara Zendejas is an Assistant Professor of ceramics. His research is inspired by his memories and experiences as a Mexican immigrant, his devout Catholic upbringing, and the stories of other immigrants who have crossed the border and adapted to life in America. While his personal background and relationships with politics and patriotism undoubtedly influence his work, his main focus is on the process of creation and the poetics of the materials he uses. He is interested in exploring the idea of becoming and the act of making as a means of expressing his ideas and emotions.
Assistant Professor of the Practice Emily Harris is an educator, researcher, and designer specializing in Public Interest Design. Her work focuses on transformative design practices that promote sustainable change. As a multidisciplinary designer, she is skilled in using design research and strategic techniques to create a positive impact. Emily also teaches at Mendoza College of Business, where she encourages collaboration and multidisciplinary efforts on campus and beyond.
In addition to her design work, Emily is also a researcher. She is interested in exploring the intersection of adventure and making, and how these activities can build self-efficacy, especially in women. Her research highlights her commitment to breaking down barriers and empowering marginalized groups through innovative approaches. Emily is dedicated to promoting leadership among women, as evidenced by her role as the Founder and Executive Director of She's Rogue. This organization encourages creativity and risk-taking to help women reach their full potential.
Assistant Professor Jason Carley is an industrial designer, entrepreneur, and educator working to improve the sustainability of designed objects and built environments. Through his practice, Jason examines consumer behavior and combines experimental biomaterials, alternative service models, digital prototyping techniques, and data visualizations to propose novel solutions to industrial challenges. His current research on circular economies explores how systems design can enable empowering experiences with drastically lower environmental impacts. Jason has also taught at Northwestern University and has served as industry mentor at numerous institutions.