Wrappe Internship awarded

Author: Dept. Staff

The Wrappe Family Summer Internship began awarding grants in summer 2017, to rising seniors who have an internship offer from a recognized internship program. The Endowment was established in 1989, by Sue and Jerry Wrappe.

Kendra Lyimo, BA Honors in art history, interned at the Whitney Museum of American Art in the Curatorial department. During her internship, Kendra primarily focused on the Henry Taylor show that opened on October 4th. Her supervisors were impressed with her knowledge, research, writing, and analysis skills, which earned her more tasks. Kendra also participated in professional development activities, where she learned about the various roles in the museum. Living in NYC allowed her to get acquainted with the city, evaluate her research interests in art history, connect with professionals in the field, and ultimately determine that she wants to pursue graduate school on the East Coast.

Payton Oliver, BA Honors in industrial design, interned at IBM as a UX Research Intern under Power Design. She worked with a small, interdisciplinary team where she was responsible for research operations, service design, and UX research. This experience allowed her to gain exposure to various initiatives and skill sets. During her internship, Payton had the opportunity to draw upon a wealth of knowledge through continued learning and engaged networking. Throughout the summer, she collected 55 hours of education and earned badges in AI Ethics, Accessible Design, Enterprise Design Thinking, and AI for Business. She had the chance to connect with IBMers at least twice a week, who shared their insights about joining the company full-time and their journeys in the design field.