Studio Art Minor

The minor in studio art is intended for the student who wishes to add studio art experience to their undergraduate studies. The minor requires 15 hours, or 5 courses in studio art. Before being able to declare a minor, a student must be enrolled in or have already taken one of the following: Drawing I, 2D Foundations, or 3D Foundations.

As with the major, students seeking the minor may elect either a general or focused course of study; that is, students may take the four studio courses selected from among any of the studio disciplines (Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture) or they may take four studio courses from within a single discipline. Because the Department offers multiple entry-level courses, students are able to enter the program at a variety of points.

Required Courses

One Foundational course: Drawing I, 2D Foundations, or 3D Foundations
Four courses with the designation ARST (Art Studio)

General Requirements

- Students may double count one of the above courses to fulfill a University Requirement.
- Students may not double-count any of the courses above to fulfill a requirement in their major (i.e., Design majors)
- Design Majors that want a Studio Minor must take five studio courses, the foundational courses already taken do not count toward the Minor
- The University Fine Arts Requirement may be taken at another institution.
- No transfer credits will be accepted for the minor.
- No AP courses will be accepted as a substitute for these courses.
- No Design courses will count toward the Minor
- Students must have completed the required foundations course by the end of the junior year. Students must declare the Minor no later than the first month of the fall semester in their senior year.

Declaring the Minor

Students may declare the Minor in Studio Art only after having completed one of the foundation courses listed above, or while currently enrolled in one of those courses. Declare the Minor in the departmental office, 306 Riley Hall of Art. 


Students are not required, but are encouraged to seek program advising for the Minor from the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). The DUS oversees the program and is the person to contact for all questions pertaining to the Minor.