Studio Art

From personal practice to the integration of visual art across disciplines, studio art offers a way of problem-solving through visual thinking, production, and analysis. Notre Dame students can major or minor in studio art..

Why study studio art?

Studio art prepares students to contribute creatively to the social and cultural discourses that shape contemporary society.

The major seeks to promote growth and development of the student through a range of courses dealing with aesthetics and composition, critical skills, and mastery in both traditional and digital techniques. The interdisciplinary structure of the curriculum encourages students to explore a range of media in pursuit of their educational or career objectives.

Learn more about how 92% of studio art majors have found success within 6 months of graduation. 

Programs offered

We offer majors with concentrations in ceramics, painting and drawing, photography, printmaking, or sculpture, as well as a minor in studio art.

What opportunities will I have while studying studio art?

    Experience an interdisciplinary approach to visual making
  • Learn how to articulate conceptual interests
  • Build a visual portfolio catered to future opportunities 
  • Solve problems using both traditional and digital techniques

In addition to the skills you will acquire in the program, you will also have access to robust career development resources, the opportunity to study abroad, and funding and support to undertake your own research or creative projects

Questions? Want to get started in studio art?

Elyse Speaks
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor of the Practice, Modern & Contemporary

Nicolina Holt
Program Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies