Studio Art


Studio Art prepares students to contribute creatively to the social and cultural discourses that shape contemporary society. The major promotes the growth and development of the student through a range of courses dealing with aesthetic, technical and critical skills. The interdisciplinary structure of the curriculum encourages students to explore a range of media in pursuit of their educational or career objectives.

Degree Concentrations

Degrees offered include

Declaring the Major or Minor

Students may declare the Major or Minor only after having completed one of the foundation courses (Drawing I, 2D, or 3D), or while currently enrolled in one of those courses. Declare the Major or Minor in the departmental office, 306 Riley Hall of Art. 


Students are required to seek program advising for the B.A. and B.F.A. majors from the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) or an assigned advisor. Students are not required but are encouraged to seek program advising for the Minor from the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS).


Questions about studio art? General questions can be sent to, or, you can contact Director of Undergraduate Studies, Elyse Speaks. If you have specific questions about studio art, feel free to contact a faculty member directly.